If you think you’d like to work together and would like to get a feel for what others think of my services, I welcome you to read the client testimonials below:

“Thanks to Rose Marghi, I was able to effectively resolve some serious childhood issues from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing treatments (EMDR).” -Charles


“Rose: It has been wonderful to work alongside you. I felt from day one that you were walking with me on my adventure of discovery. You have been honest and trustworthy, which are areas where I had lost my faith. Your encouragment and guidance kept me going when things got tough – and they did get tough. The EMDR you introduced me to has been a miracle. Those memories I could never forget- those haunting memories-are finally where they belong; in my memory. Thank you so much for always being there cheering me on and never letting me down.” -Andrea


“Rose Marghi was instrumental in helping several members of my family deal with issues ranging from anxiety and depression to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She is extremely insightful, thorough and professional.” -Caroline


I started seeing Rose after the ongoing sexual harassment I was experiencing at work triggered some old trauma, and made my ability to respond to the present impossible. I was stuck in a loop experiencing all my trauma at a DEFCON 5 level.


Rose made setting up an appointment so easy for me. She was very responsive, called me back multiple times to schedule, and was even more accommodating that I had hoped, because I truthfully didn’t really want to delve into these past traumas—but desperately needed to.


I started my EMDR sessions with Rose in January of 2016. She was always in my corner, was very loving, supporting and created a very safe space for me to begin the uncomfortable work of confronting past traumas.


I survived a rape when I was 16, and really tried to “put it past” me, which really just meant living as if it never happened, but unfortunately this trauma began to ooze out, coming out sideways in response to the recent sexual harassement. This was one of the first, of many traumatic situations we began to process. We also dealt with the emotional unavailability of my parents, my sister’s mental illness, and my resulting low self-esteem, which continued to keep me trapped in a pattern of accepting unacceptable behavior from those in my life.


Many of the EMDR sessions where we processed traumas, allowing my brain to heal and truly move on, were very intense but I always felt safe and supported, and knew I was going in with Rose as my champion. I spent a year working on these situations before feeling like I had reached a happy and healthy place. After the time spent working on these situations, I slowly started to notice that I was standing up for myself more easily, able to have and hold my boundaries without difficulty, and even when spoken to in an inappropriate way (sexually) in my new workplace, I was able to shut it down immediately, almost as a reflex, which had never happened before.


Rose empowered me with the tools to continue to manage my anxiety and depression (as these conditions continue to pop up from time to time) free of medication, which I prefer not to take. But I also know that if I ever need to come back, she will be there for me.


Rose is definitely one of the best therapists I have seen, as she has helped me to resolve some of my most challenging and difficult issues. I highly recommend her. -Ashley


I would love to hear from you. Feel free to give me a call at 240-593-0444, email me at rose@rosecounselingcenter.com, or fill out the contact form below. Let me help you realize your full potential and bloom just like the strong and beautiful rose.

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