To my prospective clients,

My vision of therapy is to increase the emotional intelligence of the world, one person and family at a time. Coming into therapy is a courageous act; knowing that we need help and asking for it takes strength of character. I feel that raising our emotional intelligence as humans remains our last major unexplored frontier.

The best indicator that therapy will be effective is that the client feels comfortable with the therapist. It is my goal to create a safe space in my office where you can explore your life. I believe that therapy is an investment in your present and future. It is an investment in your own personal emotional growth.

I believe that all humans have something to offer the world. Therapy is about helping the client explore their personal beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and what life means to them. I believe everyone wants to live a fulfilled, purposeful, meaningful life. Sometimes, as part of the human experience, we get stuck in life – confused, dispirited – and talking to our family and friends just isn’t getting us where we need to go. That’s where having a therapist comes in.

A therapist’s goal is to serve other human beings by focusing on their clients’ experience and offering emotional education so that their clients can choose to move differently in the world. Therapy is a process. My ideal client is someone who is serious about having a better life. Therapy can be hard, as we discuss your personal challenges. Therapy can be fulfilling, fun, exciting, as your accomplishments are celebrated in a caring environment.

You pay for my experience, knowledge, and education. My caring comes for free. I look forward to meeting you.

With absolute sincerity,

Rose Marghi, RN, MS, LCMFT

Individual therapy is an investment in your present and future. The goal of therapy is to provide you with a safe place with an educated, compassionate professional where you can discuss your concerns in life. My belief is that you are the expert on you, as you live with yourself 24/7. I bring expertise from 20+ years as a therapist and nurse. I sincerely believe that between us we have two experts in the room. Two heads are better than one. My job is to help you understand yourself and your situation so you can decide how you want to make lasting change and improve your life.

Individual therapy is for pre-teens, teens, college students, and adults of all ages. There is hope! Even if you feel sad, anxious, angry, or hopeless, I can hold the hope for you until you feel it too.

Having a committed, strong union, provides stability for the family, strong families make a strong nation. Strong nations make a strong world. However, we receive limited to no training on how to have a happy, healthy marriage.

The goal of couples therapy is to help clients, co-create a healthy dynamic where both partners feel secure, safe, trustworthy and joyful. Marital distress is caused when there are more negative interactions between a couple than there are positive interactions. If the couple is committed and willing to work hard couples therapy can save a marriage and if the marriage is beyond saving, couples therapy can help a couple divorce well and put the children’s needs first. Saving marriages through premarital therapy is the gold standard in mental health. In addition, saving marriages through couple’s therapy can save a family. I am here to work with you to find each other and the love you had for each other again.

Family therapy is an investment in you as parents and adults and in your children for the present and future. The goal of family therapy is to provide the family with a non-biased, compassionate, and educated professional where parents are supported to be a strong unit and to discuss their concerns with their children. Children are supported to discuss their concerns with their parents. Family therapy is intended to support the family to be peaceful, connected, flexible, and loving.

Family therapy is for parents/adults with children, from infants to adult children. There is hope for every family! Even if you feel sad, anxious, angry, or hopeless, I can hold the hope for you until you feel it too.

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to give me a call at 240-593-0444, email me at, or fill out the contact form below. Let me help you realize your full potential and bloom just like the strong and beautiful rose.

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